Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Having Economic Troubles? Ban Sex!

It's funny to observe how areas that have been hit very heavily with the economic crisis often respond by trying to police sexuality. I have already discussed that Ukraine, which is floundering economically with little hope for any improvement in the foreseeable future, decided to ban porn (except, of course, when used for unspecified medicinal purposes.) Now, Detroit is taking the similar road. The city that can barely offer its population a chance to make some kind of living feels it necessary to tighten the regulations on strip clubs. An amendment to an ordinance that regulates sexually oriented businesses is now before the City Council:

Some provisions of the draft ordinance:

• Requiring dancers to stay at least 6 feet away from patrons on a stage at least 18 inches from the floor in a room that measures at least 600 square feet.

• Prohibiting intentional physical contact between semi-nude employees and patrons, such as lap dances.

• And, requiring employees at sexually oriented business to be licensed, including bartenders and janitors.

It seems a little unfair that a government that can't provide people with jobs would have the cheek to take away one of the few outlets they have left. Is Detroit looking for a riot or something? Hungry, broke AND sexually frustrated is hardly a good thing for the city.

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