Even though the first recipe I published on this blog attracted the attention of a nasty male chauvinist (feel free to observe his insanity in the comment section of the post on the Canadian Split Pea Soup), I liked the entire experiences of blogging while cooking, and especially taking the pictures of food in the process of making it. Now, I will be posting recipes on a regular basis, and you will be able to find links to them on this page. All of the recipes are my own, in the sense that even when I'm working from the basis of a traditional recipe, I always modify it quite a bit.

1. Clarissa's Split Pea Soup with Bacon: A Recipe
2. Clarissa's Chupe de mariscos from Peru (Peruvian Seafood Soup)
3. Clarissa's Real Ukrainian Borscht
4. Canukistani's Canadian Style Maple Syrup: A Recipe
5. Clarissa's Sauerkraut Salad Recipe (Vinegret)
6. Clarissa's Stewed Rabbit
7. Seafood Risotto
8. Clarissa's Cabbage Leaves Stuffed With Meat and Rice (Golubtsy)
9. Vegetarian: Clarissa's Vegetable Ragout
10. Clarissa's Frog Legs Soup

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