Friday, January 8, 2010

Airport Insecurity Measures

This is what the new bout of anti-terrorism hysteria has brought us. The European Union is planning to force all of its members to adopt these intrusive and humiliating scanners in airports.

Some European countries that have somehow been able to preserve certain remains of human dignity and mental sanity - Spain and Germany, for example - are still resisting the madness. Others, like the Nederlands and Italy, are falling all over themselves in their desire to appease the United States by any means necessary.

It is still unclear whether anybody on the planet honestly believes that these invasive procedures will really do something to stop terrorism. We have been removing our shoes in airports for a while now but somehow I don't remember hearing any reports about hundreds of terrorist attacks being stopped by these measures.

The whole mess of this last failed attempt to blow up an airplane is a competition in ineptness. The terrorist is so inept that instead of exploding the airplane he blows off his own junk. The counterterrorism agencies are so useless that they never figure out he might be dangerous in spite of warnings. Obama-haters are so stupid that they blame him for the fact that this terrorist managed to board a plane in Amsterdam. They must honestly believe that Amsterdam is part of the US. The European Union is so silly that it is willing to strip itself not only of clothes but of the last shred of dignity to make the US happy.

I hope that my blog doesn't get tagged as pornographic because of these images. This is not pornography, this is our new reality.

This is how we are willing to be seen by airport security.

This is where our fear is taking us.

P.S. The people at airport security can easily adjust the resolution on the scanners to achieve a much better visibility of any area of the body, including the genitals.

P.P.S The third picture has been pulled since the reader Mike pointed out that it is fake. Thank you, Mike, for your vigilance!


Anonymous said...

I am wondering - what if you have a pad in your underwear? will you be questioned about it?


Anonymous said...

Tampons are the next step. We will have to remove them and let the security people examine them at length.

Anonymous said...

as a transperson, this makes me want to throw up.

Anonymous said...

That last photo is a fake, btw.

Where they faked it from.


Clarissa said...

It's obvious that all these pictures are simulations. Nobody will be releasing the real images any time soon because they are way too explicit.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the people who died on 9/11 would rather have had their junk looked at in a shitty resolution than be horrifically murdered by a bunch of cowards.

Then again someone could get made fun of for their small dick.

Anonymous said...

What if those images are only checked by airport staff in a special remote room, while the head is removed from the picture? Does that hurt really anyone's privacy?

Clarissa said...

I can't wait to have some guys sit in a remote room ogling my privates. And who is going to control which parts of the image are removed and which aren't if everything is done in a remote room?

Clarissa said...

"I'm sure the people who died on 9/11 would rather have had their junk looked at "

-These scanners are NOT going to prevent more terror attacks from happening. The same as removing your shoes, etc. did nothing. All these measures still allowed the most recent terrorist gt on board of a plane with explosives.

These so-called measures do not work, people. We are just making idiots of ourselves, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Millimeter wave scanning is not nearly as capable of the resolutions seen in the last photo as people believe. It just isn't.

The first two, even if they are simulations, are relatively accurate as to its capabilities and limitations.

The last one is a fake that the technology is not capable of producing an image that detailed -- that is just a scare tactic. That image is a fake, and a bad one.

All that said, I am against these scans and they will not help fight terrorists -- but I do like accuracy, and a fake is a fake.


Anonymous said...

"These scanners are NOT going to prevent more terror attacks from happening."

r u from the future?

Clarissa said...

Anonymous: No, I just have a brain capable of making connections and drawing conclusions.

Mike: You're right, I'm going to pull the last image.

Tom Carter said...

Clarissa, I think you're probably right that this incredibly intrusive program won't stop terrorism. Terrorists will adapt to this, perhaps by hiding the explosives entirely inside their bodies, as happened in Saudi Arabia (what a yucky image!).

A more realistic and logical answer is to do more profiling. Some folks don't like that, but we know enough about who is most likely to commit acts of terrorism to do it effectively. That isn't a perfect solution, either, but subjecting grandma and grandpa from Iowa to naked body scans is just plain nuts.

Clarissa said...

Somehow the profiling always ends in me being taken aside into a little room for suspicious people. :-) I always wanted to understand the reasons behind that, but no such luck so far. It's weird, though, that somebody like this recent terrorist gets on a plane easily, while I have to jump through hoops to enter the US for a 2-day long campus visit in Oklahoma. :-)

Kiibaati said...

As a nigerian ( dubiously notorious for being on the terror watchlist) I will cringe every time I pass through an airport, concious once again that the myth of african men being well endowed in certain body parts, is about to be broken.