Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fiscal Responsibility According to Obama

Obama's new fiscal responsibility plan can be summed up as follows: cutting down on education but not on the Pentagon.

Well, is anybody really surprised? The education will become a bigger priority than the military spending when hell freezes over.

If you believe that cutting down on education and investing more and more in the Pentagon are non-related issues, you've got to wake up. The fewer people have access to education, the more desperate kids will turn to the military to make some kind of a living. So the only way to provide the Pentagon with more bodies that can be sent to death and mutilation is by destroying what's left of public education.


Joy-Mari Cloete said...

This is one of the things that bug me the most about Obama's plan. And I'm in South Africa...

How's this guy any different to old Georgie?

Anonymous said...

Old Georgie was honest about his plans and about his hatred of education.