Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogging in Cuba

Imagine what it must be like to be a blogger in Cuba. Censorship, persecution, fear. The very possibility of gaining access to the Internet - the sine qua non of blogging - is painfully out of reach. Cubans living in Havana or near a large tourist resort have a theoretical possibility of visiting a cyber-cafe or an Internet room in a hotel. Internet access in this places is so expensive, however, as to be completely out of reach for anybody but tourists. In the interior of the country, matters are even worse.

Many Cuban bloggers only get to see their own blogs once every couple of months. Still, they persevere and publish regularly. One of the ways of making their posts appear online is to include the text of the post into the letter sent by snail mail to a relative or friend residing outside of the country. Brave Cuban bloggers put their lives at risk to bring the truth of what is happening in Cuba to the world.

I discovered all this from an article in the main Spanish periodical El Pais. Here is a list of links to some of these great blogs:

Voces cubanas,  Desde Cuba, Revista digital, Penúltimos Días, Cubaencuentro.

Let's support these brave colleagues by reading their blogs.

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