Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Day of Spring Semester 2010

So I just finished all 3 classes I'm teaching this semester. I thought giving three 1 hour 15 min. classes one after another would be hard, but the time passes really fast. The only problem is that the first and the last classes are given in Spanish, and the one in the middle is in English. It turned out to be extremely hard to switch back to Spanish after my English lecture. It got so bad that I forgot how to say "niece" in Spanish, which is extremely humiliating since it's Spanish 101 vocabulary.

I was also stupid enough to start doing a translation into Russian during small breaks between classes, which somehow switched the Spanish-speaking part of my brain off.

On the positive side, I managed to demonstrate my first ever PowerPoint presentation to my Hispanic Civilization class effortlessly. This class is so big that I think I'm going to lose my voice soon. Still, it feels fantastic to have so many students listening to my lecture. The enrollment in this class is three times what it used to be before I came to this school. I guess my students did tell their peeps about this "totally radical course." :-)

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