Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hatred of Women Trumps Hatred of the Environment

In order to promote their anti-women policies, fundamentalists are willing to do anything. They are even adopting a seemingly environmentalist discourse. For them, even the environment they normally hate and try to destroy at any cost is a good enough justification to promote the subjugation of women. Today, they are coaching their anti-women propaganda in a completely spurious concern over how the contraceptive pill is "damaging" the environment:
This year, birth control advocates are celebrating 50 years of decriminalized hormonal contraceptives. American Life League and our co-sponsors don't think half a century of contaminating our waterways is something to celebrate. Study after study has shown that hormonal estrogen in the water has severely damaged the ecosystem and our health.
Of course, these women-haters are somehow not as interested in the horrible BP oil spill. For them, liberated female sexuality is a lot more damaging than the eco-disaster we see in the horrifying pictures of the Gulf oil spill.

Appropriating threatening types of discourse and using them for their own purposes is a favorite ideological trick of the Conservatives. Sarah Palin, one of the biggest women-haters around, calls herself a feminist in order to appropriate the intellectual and political prestige of the feminist movement while simultaneously diluting its message. Now anti-choicers appropriate the environmentalist discourse in order to push their agenda of denying women the right to their own bodies. This does not prevent them, of course, of pushing the most anti-environment policies thay can think of the second they come to power.


Melissa said...

The hypocrisy! It burns!

V said...

This is ridiculous. Why don't they consider all the growth hormones which get into the environment and our bodies via food?..
Because growth hormones boost a) agriculture; b) pharmaceuticals, c) weight-loss industry; d) medical industry dealing with consequences of using enormous amounts of crappy food; e) maybe something additional.