Sunday, May 9, 2010

Victory Day

With all the saccharine rejoicing over Mother's Day, many people have forgotten that May 9th is the day when Nazi Germany capitulated to the Soviet Union in 1945.

Happy Victory Day, everyone!


V said...

I do not want to take anything from the greatness of this day, but the only reason it is celebrated on May 9th in Russia is because of the time zone difference (it was late evening of May 8th in Germany when the capitulation was signed, but early morning of May 9 in Moscow).

Happy Victory Day to everyone, yes.

Clarissa said...

V.: can you imagine that I already received two insulting comments about the Victory Day? Maybe I should have let them appear here, so that people could see the amount of ignorance surrounding the subject.

V said...

Insulting in which way? It is up to you if you publish them here or not, but if you decide not to - please let me know what they were about.