Friday, May 14, 2010

Law and Order Cancelled: I'm Sad

Law & Order is my favorite show ever. If it weren't for its constant reruns, I would produce a lot less research. It's so sad to know that there will be no more new episodes.

Maybe I'm just getting old but I can't find any recent shows that would be equally engrossing to me. We have been watching Boston Legal, but this show is disgustingly sexist and anti-autistic. I tried watching Lost (starting with the first episode) but it really bored me. Shows like Glee are really not my cup of tea at all. 24, which I have been watching as a comedy, is in its last season. Law & Order: Criminal Intent has been changed beyond recognition. Law & Order: SVU added the grievously talentless Sharon Stone to its regular cast.

So I don't know what I will do for television watching now. And television really helps my research because I can't write my articles in silence. Any suggestions from my readers will be welcome. The future of Hispanic Studies is in your hands, my friends. :-)


Steve Hayes said...

I've never watched Law and order, so I hesitate to recommend anything that may compare. But one thing I've enjoyed watching recently is Foyle's War.

Anonymous said...

I like "House MD", but you might consider it sexist. It's clever and full of angry humour, though, which makes it better than average for me. Y.

Veronica said...

You could always buy the box of the series

Clarissa said...

I like House, MD, although it is very sexist.

Veronica: I have already bought all seasons that are out on DVD. Now I will be waiting for the rest of seasons to come out on DVD.

Anonymous said...

south park,dexter, breaking bad, the first 48, oz, deadwood, six feet under, the sopranos, nurse jackie, gangland, modern marvels

Patrick said...

Depending upon what you enjoyed about L&O, I would suggest checking out "Criminal Minds". Witty, intelligent, chock full of unique characters. And available on a multitude of channels and reruns.

And if you don't immediately fall in love with Penelope Garcia, you have no appreciation for truly unique personalities.