Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's Good About Quebec

(In no particular order):

1. People dress really well.
2. It feels almost kind of similar to Europe.
3. There are sidewalk cafes.
4. There are no Evangelical fanatics.
5. It's easy to find food that's not insanely unhealthy.
6. Paid maternity leave for one entire year.
7. State-sponsored childcare.
8. The system of CEGEPs (pre-university college).
9. Free medical care.
10. People are very accepting of and curious about other cultures.
11. Very cheap university education.
12. You only see flip-flops on tourists. 13. People are progressive and open-minded.
14. It is possible to find food that isn't horribly unhealthy.
15. Nobody goes to church on Sundays. Or pretty much ever. Or if they do, they keep it to themselves which is just as well.
16. Nobody stares at you like you are crazy if they see you walking.
17. Nobody is shocked if you dress well.
18. People know how to enjoy life.
19. People love travelling.
20. People love hockey and nobody cares about American football.
21. People mostly know that Latin America is not a country in Africa.

If you can think of more great things about Quebec, feel free to add to this list.

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V said...

11 - does not feel that good if you are an employee of some University
12 - according to you I am a tourist
13 - Hmmm...

Clarissa said...

"12 - according to you I am a tourist"

-I believe that flip-flops are the invention of the satan. :-) But they are so pervasive that yesterday I discovered that my own husband had a pair this entire time. And I never knew. Thus they insinuate themselves into people's lives. :-)

"13 - Hmmm..."

-Have you visited the Bible Belt lately? :-)

Anonymous said...

You have to wear flip-flops with flair and panache!

I have an absolutely fantastic pair of flip-flops which I proudly sport everywhere!


Clarissa said...

Ol.: You would look great in anything, my friend, so keep sporting them. :-)