Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beauty and Entertainment

I'm getting sick and tired with some people's self-righteous outrage over the public's initial reception of Susan Boyle (the dorky winner of Britain's Got Talent.) Ooooh, how could any one notice that she is not very attrractive? The horror, the horror!

Come on, people. The woman wants to be an entertainer. Physical appearance is part of the package. Audiences want to look at attractive entertainers. What's the big deal? Those who work in corporate environments have to observe a strict dress code. As a teacher, I always come to class in shirts that are as unrevealing as possible. Even when it's very hot. I even tied my hair for job interviews. And that is a major sacrifice for me.

Why any one would want to turn the Susan Boyle situation into a feminist issue is beyond me. Remember the overweight winner of American Idol? Everybody talked about his appearance but it never occurred to any one to turn it into a gender issue. Remember the disgusting hue and cry about Britney Spears daring to show off her body after giving birth to her second child? Where was the feminist outrage then? How is Spears any less worthy of a feminist defense than Boyle?

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