Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nadia Suleman Obsession

If Nadia Suleman didn't exist, we should have invented her. In this moment of deepening economic crisis, she serves an important purpose for the American society. It is kind of comforting to see someone who is in even bigger trouble and even more financially irresponsible than we are. So what if I have a mounting credit card debt with no hope of paying it off in the next decade? Look at the Octomom, her life is so much more hopeless than mine. Instead of getting angry with the people who got us into the recession in the first place, we can safely and easily direct our anger towards this woman.

It is shocking to see the kind of anger that people exhibit against Nadia Suleman in the media. Do Gloria Allred and the like honestly want us to believe that their hysterical outbursts against this woman are caused by how much they care about the babies? There are so many children all over the world who die every day of hunger, lack of fresh water, and preventable diseases. Somehow, I never see anybody get all worked up about that on Dr. Phil's show. Nadia Suleman's kids are definitely better off that the kids dying of AIDS in third-world countries. And nobody seems to get all that emotional about their plight. All of this song and dance about the octuplets is nothing more than self-congratulatory hypocrisy.

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