Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I decided to blog

I have opinions. This is the main scourge of my life and it is also hugely annoying to the people around me. As a scholar of literature, I believe that everything that surrounds us is a text. Books, newspaper articles, movies, buildings, human beings, and even candy wrappers can and should be read and analyzed. I cannot watch a TV show, go to a restaurant or a grocery store without analyzing everything I see in ideological terms. It's a lot of fun for me but a little less fun for those who accompany me in these activities.

Initially, I thought that the academic world would provide me with a space to express my opinions. Then I discovered that some of my articles cannot be published because they are considered politically incorrect. I was told that there are subjects that I should not discuss with my students because they (the subjects? the students? both?) are "too sensitive." I also realized that many of the things that bother me should not be aired not only during the departmental meetings but also in informal discussions with my colleagues.

As a result, I bugged the hell out of the people in my life with my opinions, attempts at analysis, grievances, and complaints about the academia. In an effort to remove - at least partially - the burden of having to deal with my critical zeal from my loved ones, I have started this blog.


Khephra said...

So since this post have your motivations undergone any redirections? For example, this post focused on you (e.g., opinions, frustration, orientation), but has blogging become more community-focused or???

Clarissa said...

Wow, a question on my very first post! And on the 1st year anniversary, too. Thank you, that's such a cool thing to do.

I will answer your intelligent question in a new post.

Khephra said...

Yay for provocations! ;)