Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daily Kos and the Future of the Media

I was thinking to subscribing to the New York Times on my Kindle. But then I discovered that for a fraction of the cost I can instead subscribe to a news outlet that is so much richer, informative, and definitely more fun. In short, I discovered Daily Kos. This is, without a doubt, the future of the media. This wonderful blog has updates several times a day. It's not just a collection of articles where every author pushes their own agenda. Instead, they provide you with links to interesting articles, videos and posts, so you can choose what you want to read for yourself.

In terms of fun, there is this wonderful thing called "hate mail-apalooza." Kos publishes the most ridiculous pieces of hate mail that the site receives. Here are the most fun parts of the recent sample that had me roaring with laughter:

dear socialist fuckstick,

i am well awear of the fact that liberals are immune to logic and reason, but allow me to try to prove to you that you are communist scum thrugh something called the scientific method:

1 a) FACT: you suck obamas cock every chance youget. you defend everythign he does and says and you are nothing more than an apologist. this makes you complicit in obamas actions.

1 b) FACT: obama is a well known socialist. this is evident his policies and his love of SELFDESCRIBED COMMUNISTS LIKE BILL AYERS!!!! so dont thinkthat he can hide his true nature for much longer. he will eventully be exposed and impeached. SOCIALISM CANNOT WORK OR RUSSIA WOULD STILL EXIST AND THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE LOST THE COLD WAR TO REAGAN!!! retard.

1 c) you are thusly a pro forma socialist; whether you like it or not. logic dictates this.

(2) FACT: you, sir, are a illegal immigrant. i dont give two shits whether you are an american citizen or not: you came here on taxpayer expense and you continue to drain our limited resources. you should be ashamed and go back to guatemala or whatever fucking middleeastern asshole you came from and try to sell yor leftwing bullshit there. [. . .]

sincerely yoursglenn

Even if this is a parody, it's a brilliant one. The Daily Kos site has the entire letter and a very fun poll to go with it.

As I said before, blogging is the future of the news media and of the entertainment industry as well.


Tom Carter said...

I don't think I'd want to get my news from blogs of either the far left, like DailyKos, or the far right. The sample comment you showed is pretty crude, for certain, but you get the same kinds of comments and attacks on right wing blogs.

I try to read both kinds now and then, and I've gotten some pretty crude responses directed at me personally from both sides. Not long ago on a leftist blog I was called a "fascist fucktard." Two problems there--the writer obviously didn't know what "fascist" means, and I don't know what a "fucktard" is. Kind of hinders communication, although I was fairly sure I was being insulted.

For real news, I'll stick to the major media most of the time, filtering what they say through my own common sense.

JJ said...

I prefer Huffington Post. They have a lot of info and comment.

Clarissa said...

Huffington Post's website is a lettle overburdened graphically and content-wise for me.