Thursday, June 18, 2009

Restoring Vision

When I was 23, my vision started to fail. Not surprising, according to my ophthalmologist, since I was reading for 10+ hours every day. It kept getting worse, and every year I would get a stronger prescription for my glasses. I couldn't read without them and seeing anything at a distance was becoming more and more difficult. Eventually, I decided to do something about it and it worked. A couple of years ago I threw away my glasses and haven't missed them since. Now I want to share my method. I want to preface this by saying that I am not a doctor and don't claim to know anything about medicine or ophthalmology. But this worked for me, so maybe someone else will find it useful. In any case, I don't think that this method can possibly harm any one (except people who are allergic to blueberries, but they will know at once that this is not for them).
I believe that verything is influenced by the physical and the psychological factors at once. So in my struggle foor a better vision I addressed both.
Psychological: I believe that psychologically loss of vision indicates that there are things in our lives we refuse to see. At the point in my life when I started to lose vision, there were parts of my reality that I didn't want to recognize or see for what they are. I analyzed them, wrote them down, and did all I could to acknowledge the unpleasant reality.
Physical: At the same time, I ate blueberries. I had read in an article someplace that blueberries are good for your vision. So I ate industrial-sized portions every day. It was summer, and blueberries were very cheap.
I don't know whether it was the method or my belief in the method but it worked. My vision is now back to perfect.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your vision improved, but I think you probably shouldn't expect that everyone's will. My vision has been bad from birth and now on top of myopia, I have age-related presbyopia. If poor vision responded to blueberries, I'd be 20/20.

Clarissa said...

Far be it from me to suggest that anything can work for everybody. Besides, there must be a difference between a hereditary health issue and the one caused by psychological factors, as was my case.

I just wanted to share this positive experience in the hope that maybe someone might find it useful. I'm not trying to patent it or anything. :-)