Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Jerk of the Week

This is a real story. A female Japanese employee who works for a recruitment agency was updating the candidates' database. She wrote to one of the male candidates to see if he was still interested in a new job. He gave her the following answer: "Right now I'm making $150,000, so I'm not interested in a new job. By the way, I noticed that your name is Asian. I only agree to date (sic!) Asian women, so tell me if you would like to go out some time."

Is this disgusting or what?


Tom Carter said...

Disgusting and stupid. I wonder how often this guy ends up dating 69-year-old women who look like Sasquatch?

Clarissa said...

Observe how he starts by mentioning his salary (which, by the way, was most certainly a total invention on his part). Maybe he was one of those losers who take workshops on dating techniques. Falsihing around money is one of the methods they propose.

BAYMAN said...

Apparently, any woman 69 years old might look like Sasquatch. Were you perhaps confessing that you're disgusting and stupid?

I don't know how to remove the little photo that accompanies my posts or I would, but it's now come in handy. The photo is fairly recent; at most, it's 2 months old. I'm 62. While I have a lot of hair, I don't think I look much like Sasquatch, not in the photo and not in person. My girlfriends are the same age as me and a number of them would also fail the Sasquatch test.

Obviously, you're young, but I'd sure love to see a photo of you at 69. I'll content myself with slurs, insults and mental images of you in the meantime.

Clarissa said...

Oh my God, Bayman, I thought you were 42 at most. You look great.

What's a sasquatch anyways?

BAYMAN said...

Sasquatch is another name or term for the Yeti of Alaskan or northwest area residence, you know, the hairy but shy beast no one can actually get their hands on. Dating, I'd guess, would be out of the question.

Thanks, Clarissa. In real life, if you will, what I hear is that other think I'm 42, at most. I mean, that exact age, so it's funny you picked it, too. But~~ it's my son's age.

I'm kind of surprised that you let that age slur go without comment, though I assume it's because you're still young. I know I had no awareness of age and how it functions until I was over 50 years old. There's little good about it, particularly for women.

Clarissa said...

I don't think that Tom was being ageist in his comment. As far as I know, he is also in his 60ies.