Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good Luck to Argentina!!

I'm wishing the best of luck to the Argentinean team in its quarter finals game with Germany!

To my Argentinean friends, especially to "Mafalda": Good luck!!!!

P.S. We now have a small family conflict because of this game. My father supports Germany because he hates Maradona after his "mano de Dios" incident, while I root for Argentina because . . . well, it's Argentina.

P.P.S. Argentina is getting the biggest creaming since the Falklands War, it seems. If Spain doesn't do any better in its game against Paraguay, my Independence Day celebrations will be soured.

P.P.P.S. My mother predicts Germany as the World Cup winner and Spain in the second place. I'd rather it was the reverse. Or, better yet, no Germany in the finals.

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ceci said...

i read this post today, i'm late, but thanks for your wishes!
i'm really sad we lost...the world cup is over for me.
(4 goals!! my god, argentina was in a mourning silence after the game)
and what can i say, the germans are always oh! soooo perfect flawless first world machines. (but yes,i know they were better)