Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spain vs Germany 1:0, Puyol's Amazing Goal

Everybody said Spain would be a lot weaker than Germany but if you are watching you will see that our team RULES!!!!!!!

We are in the FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are the best!!!!!!!! Nobody believed that Spain can defeat Germany but we pressed them like crazy all game long. Even my father called to ask if "Spain lost already." Even though the referee didn't give Spain a penalty shot when he definitely should have, we still killed them. Spain vindicated Argentina and England, two teams I love that were defeated by Germany.

I so hope that Uruguay beats Germany in the game for the third place. And of course that Spain creams Holland in the final.

This is historic justice being reestablished. I'm going to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

I have to asmit I was pulling for Germany to win. But at least there are two teams who have never won the World Cup. Its always fun to see a newbie win it.

Stephen Tremp

Anonymous said...

Reforma y contrarreforma :)

Clarissa said...

More recently, they (Germany) got us (Spain) into the Battle of Stalingrad. They have to pay for that! :-) :-)