Friday, July 16, 2010

How Many Times Can Obama Sell Out Women?

Apparently, the number of Obama's betrayals of people who work hard to get him elected is unlimited. Here is the most recent one:
Due to an anti-choice kerfuffle on Wednesday on whether Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans (otherwise known as high risk pools) will include abortion coverage, President Obama seemed to quickly concede and announced a total abortion ban in the pools. This is despite the fact that this was not in the original health care reform bill. As a result, many high-risk women who may be more apt to complications with their pregnancies will not be given coverage for an abortion.
My only question is: when will we, the progressives of this country, have a president who will serve our interests?  'Cause this one definitely ain't it.

It's funny how the Republicans are foaming at the mouth at the very mention of Obama's name. They fail to notice how well he is serving their interests.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. In most ways, Obama is more conservative than Ronald Reagan (their idol) ever was.

And on issues like copyright and anything to do with (not) helping women, he's even more conservative.


Melissa said...

"How Many Times Can Obama Sell Out Women?"

I am afraid of actually asking/considering this question, because I fear the answer is " in 2 1/2-6 1/2 more years...a lot more."