Thursday, April 1, 2010

Answers to Readers' Questions, Cont'd

In a comment to my first post ever, Khephra asked: So since this post have your motivations undergone any redirections? For example, this post focused on you (e.g., opinions, frustration, orientation), but has blogging become more community-focused or???

Answer: I really liked this question because it made me think a lot. As an autistic, I'm not very big on communities. It is next to impossible for me to feel as part of any community. I have met some really cool people in the blogosphere. I even met one of my colleagues who works in my department first as a blogger and then as a "real" person. I have discovered - to my great surprise - that there are a lot of people who think like I do about many important issues. At times, I have felt nothing short of shocked by how much support I got.

Community-wise, blogging led me to become very disappointed with the feminist community and very inspired by the Asperger's community. So the results are mixed. I'll keep thinking, though!

Question: How come you only linked to blogs writen by MEN? and what does this say about you as a feminist?

Answer: This one also made me think a lot and analyze my motives. I have no idea why at this point in time I like the blogs I listed the most and not some other blogs. I don't think that gender has anything to do with it. If I could find some female blogs that are both progressive and don't mention the word "privilege" every 15 seconds, I would be happy to read them. I welcome suggestions and self-promotion!

Question: If an Asperger boyfriend dumps you, will he at least miss you?

Answer: A fellow Aspie blogger Izgad said yes. My answer would be no. But then again, my Asperger's is way stronger than his. :-) As for me, I have a tendency to develop intense enthusiasms and intense dislikes for people and things. When I like somebody, it means I REALLY REALLY like them. But if they disappoint me, I tend to forget that they ever existed, to the degree of not recognizing them in the street.

Question: So how is the troll doing? :-) :-) :-)

Answer:  You won't believe it but the troll keeps coming here religiously. I'm flattered to have such a faithful fan. I'm hoping my intelligent texts will somewhat civilize the troll in the long run.


Pagan Topologist said...

I think I forst encountered you as a commenter on 'Female Science Professor' but you do not seem to have it linked here.

Clarissa said...

Yes, that's a good blog. I read it from time to time.

Khephra said...

Cheers for the response!

There may be plenty of 'disappointing' blogs out there, but there are also some quite good ones. Largely, it's all an issue of what you're interested in and a dash of luck.

Any view towards micro-blogging?

Finally, I don't know if it will make the grade, but you can find my blog (with Zizek!) here: