Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I only just discovered that a second sequel to "Sex and the City" is coming out in May. This is very annoying. The TV show was sexist and patrirachal but at least it was funny. The movie sequel was excruciatingly boring, had way too many product placements, and was even more outrageously sexist.

And now yet another movie sequel. How many more times do we need to hear that women are pathetic little idiots who can only be happy as housewives? Enough already with the stupid Sex and the City!


Melissa said...

Seconded. I actually liked the series, but the first movie was just painful to sit through. And the previews I've seen of the second movie look even worse.

cringe-all said...

Hi Clarissa, resumed reading your blog after getting some end-of-semester business out of the way. I have often wondered about the "Sex and the City" phenomenon. It is probably not too surprising that young American girls have started looking up to Carrie Bradshaw and gang as some sort of lifestyle role models...they're after all cool, independent, having fun, etc. The series to me was essentially light, shallow comedy, but it would certainly be very interesting to look at it from a feminist perspective. Can you spell out why you think it's "sexist" or point me to any literature that deals with the subject? It would be fun to rile up feminism-professing girlfriends who are also fans of this show. ;) And I am just talking about the TV series here, not the boring movie.