Monday, February 22, 2010

Anti-Choice Propaganda at the OB-Gyn's Office

I think visits to the Gynecologist exist for one purpose: to annoy me. I came to the doctor today to have my blood pressure taken. If it's high (which it often is in my case), that's a counterindication to taking birth control pills (as stupid as that sounds). So before coming here today, I took measures to lower my blood pressure. The measures worked until I came to the doctor's office and saw the diagram titled "Pregnancy and Birth" you can see right here.

As you can see, a fetus at 1 to 12 weeks looks like a fully formed human being and is absolutely the same as a fetus at 40 weeks. Well, it looks a little skinnier at 1 week than at 40 weeks. And that's the only difference I could find.

It's beyond frustrating that patients have to be exposed to these lies right in the doctor's office. Do people who make and exhibit this junk think women are stupid? How offensive is this?

It's unbelievable that not ontly does this particular doctor sell Botox injections as gynecological procedures, he also believes it's ok to exhibit this lying rubbish on his walls.

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