Saturday, February 20, 2010

Power Outages

In a couple of my posts, I have mentioned that we have been having unexplained campus-wide power outages which caused the university to be closed down last Thursday and nearly resulted in the cancellation of an important cultural event yesterday. Maintenance teams have been trying desperately to find out what was causing these outages.

Yesterday, it was finally discovered that a stretch of cable near our Religious Center got damaged. (Don't ask me why there should be religious centers on campuses when there are no secular knowledge centers in churches.) This is what plunged our entire campus into darkness and prevented our students from acquiring knowledge during the un(en)lightened hours of the power outage.

Thanks to my annoying habit of seeing every event as a text to be analyzed, I can't but find this whole set of occurrences to be highly metaphoric. Students in this economically blighted, culturally challenged Midwestern area are struggling to get access to the light of knowledge. However, one of the institutions that is most bitterly opposed to learning, culture, education, light, civilization, and progress is religion. Infiltrating our campuses is not enough to prevent students from acquiring knowledge. So religion turns off the lights altogether.

This is what happens when you forget about the separation of church and state and let religion come to campuses. Soon, all intellectual light is snuffed out and the students' lives are plunged into the darkness of religious prejudice.

P.S. For those of my readers who are completely unfamiliar with the concept "sense of humor": this post is meant to be facetious.


V said...

And I thought some students have dug out the cable and sold it as copper...

Clarissa said...

Another version was that since we are at the point of midterms, some students wanted to avoid writing their exams. :-)

But the events showed we should not suspect students. It's always religion that messes everything up. :-)

(For the humorless: stille being facetious here.)

Anonymous said...

You are not funny. And this post is just stupid. A religious center didn't spoil your power lines so quit pretending that it's funny to make jokes that it did.

Clarissa said...

And hello to you to, my humorless reader.

Or should I say, my boring troll?

Other people's trolls are a lot more fun, so I feel jealous.

RAnn said...

I'd like to invite you to check out my blog this week as we discuss autism. I'll have a different post every day next week.