Monday, February 22, 2010

Leftist Realtors: A New Economic Reality

You know for sure that the economy is deeply in the toilet when The Nation, the most liberal, leftist, progressive magazine in the US starts publishing announcements from realtors who, in their desperation, claim to be commie-pinko followers of this magazine. Here are some choice samples of such adverts:

Santa Fe. Progressive realtor seeks same in clients.

Realtor seeks clients of the same persuasion as a Nation subscriber.

LEFT COAST, US. Work with the Realtor Who's on Your Side.

Realtor seeks progressive clients.

Of course, it's nice to see that many realtors have suddenly got in touch with their progressive beliefs. However, my cynical side tells me (I sincerely hope that I'm being too paranoid and these are actually leftist realtors) that the realtors' bleeding hearts are the result of the disastrous real estate market.

I love The Nation becase it never ceases to surprise me.

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