Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Break

I'm going to the beach for spring break!!! I love the beach and I haven't had a chance to go for a very long time, so I'm very happy.

Besides, I never had a real spring break beach vacation in all the long years that I was a student. Back at Yale, we, the poor students (all two of us) would sit at home sadly with our books while our rich colleagues would go party on the beach. Then, when I was teaching at Cornell it felt really annoying that my students could afford to go on spring break, while I couldn't. So now I have the chance to deal with my old resentments by finally going on a real spring break. :-)

My readers shouldn't worry, though, I will continue blogging from my BlackBerry right from the beach. :-) I just like saying the word "beach" so much.


Anonymous said...

Happy for you Clarrisa, Hope you have a great time !
You have interesting events and much more interesting reasons for such events.
I love the beach a lot too...unfortunately my home town is not coastal, was hoping to live on the coast in the US (but that seems to be a distant dream now) - with plans too pursue a higher degree, I might be you for the next four years (staying home during the breaks)- hoping it will get better when I graduate

Clarissa said...

Good luck with grad school, Anonymous! It will be quite an adventure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Clarissa, you are actually right, it is going to be an adventure with Big ego's. I will be in the business school...that will be an adventure for sure.

Clarissa said...

Business school... You are a brave person. :-) And from what I hear, you are right about the big egos. :-)