Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preparing for a Blogging Anniversary

On April 1, 2010 - one month and one day from now - I will celebrate my first real blogging anniversary. My blog will be celebrating the first year of its existence. In order to thank all my readers for their continued support and interest, I promise to answer all respectfully worded questions that you always wanted to ask but never did. Feel free to leave the questions in the comments section of this post or send them to


Kola Tubosun said...

Nice! One year already? :D

Clarissa said...

Thank you! It sounds crazy, an entire year of blogging. Now, even in my dreams, whenever something happens, I dream that it would be nice to blog about it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Of course the most burning question remains: DO YOU DYE YOUR HAIR???


V said...

Clarissa was smart enough not to make the promises she makes here... somewhere else. :):)
I still believe she should not have admitted "there" :) that she is getting married... :)

Clarissa said...

So I've got a couple of groupies there and one in Port Orchard, Washington. What are you gonna do? Fame comes at a price. :-)

But I received a very good question about Asperger's already and ill be happy to answer it.

Anonymous said...

My question for you:

Which language do you speak better: English or Spanish?