Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Beach

The beach here in Miami is beautiful. And as you can see completely empty. Granted, it isn't very sunny today but yesterday it was, and there were few people as well.

This is what always surprised me about American people on every resort I have visited. They pay a lot of money to go to the ocean and they never actually approach the ocean. Sure enough, they care a lot whether they can see it from the hotel room windows. I can't count the number of hissy fits I have observed or read on Tripadvisor about not getting the ocean-view room. But as to spending time on the beach itself, that happens very rarely. Mostly, American tourists prefer to stay by the swimming pool.

I could never understand the joy of spending hours in the pool filled with chloride and dozens of other tourists. There is never any chance of swimming in the pool, or even walking around because it's filled with people. I don't see the fun standing there for hours in the small space you have carved out for yourself among the other bathers. But I guess that's cultural differences for you.

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Greenconsciousness said...

Because they know what they have done to the water - syringes, needles washing up on the sand, feces in the water, dog crap in the sand not to mention the sharks attracted by the selfish AH who fish while wading off the beach.