Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is me on the beach in my huge pink hat.

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Kola Tubosun said...

You did talk about this big hat :)
I'm glad you're having fun :D

Anonymous said...

I dream of such hat. But it has one essential minus: it cannot be laid in one suitcase.


Clarissa said...

It does fi t into a suitcase, my friend. Although just barely.

I have to say, though, that my husband looked a lot better in it than I did. :-)

V said...

There is only one problem with this photograph and this hat. One cannot use it to continue discussion about the color of your hair. :) :) :)

Clarissa said...

I was going to take the fun even further and post a picture of my eye. Then people could knock themselves out discussing if it's my natural eye color or if I wear lenses. :-)

Anonymous said...

Clarrissa, cease, you named a blue-eyed angel, and it in my opinion very pleasant compliment.