Monday, March 8, 2010

Miami, Espanola Way

So I'm in Miami, FL for spring break. This is my first time ever in this city. My very first impression of the city (after we got out of the depressing airport and were driving to our hotel) was "Oh my God, this is Cuba!" The architecture here in South Beach is incredibly similar to what you see in Cuba.

This is a city where you really need to speak Spanish. Everybody seems to be a Spanish speaker which makes me feel very happy.

Miami is, of course, tons of fun after Southern Illinois. All the stores and restaurants were still open at midnight last night. To my timid question "Do you still serve food?" the waiter replied "Of course" and seemed geninely puzzled by the query. He must not have realized that there are places where eating out after 9 pm is completely out of the question.

The weather has been fantastic, the water is warm, and the beach is beautiful. I feel very sorry for my colleagues who are stuck at home and keep exchanging work related emails.

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