Friday, March 5, 2010

Survey on Contraception

Another sex-related survey shows how little people know about birth control:
-Among people who are in sexually active relationships and want to prevent pregnancy, 19% use no contraception at all. 24% use contraception inconsistently.

-42% of men and 40% of women believe that your chances of getting pregnant within one year while on the birth control pill are 50% or greater (the pill is actually about 92% effective with typical use).
-18% of men believe you can reduce the risk of pregnancy if you have sex standing up.
-24% of American singles believe that using two condoms is more effective than using one.
-25% of young men believe that douching after sex can prevent pregnancy.
-29% of men and 32% of women reported knowing “little or nothing about condoms.” 78% of men and 45% of women said the same about birth control pills.
And 90% believe they have all the knowledge they need to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.
The survey doesn't mention all those really misguided people who believe that interrupting a sex act is a reliable method of birth control. I wonder how many people actually believe that silly myth.
Taken together, the previous survey that I published here and this one present a depressing picture of a culture woefully ignorant about sexuality in all of its aspects.

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