Thursday, March 25, 2010


A job-seeking candidate sent his CV to a recruiter. Among his work experiences, he listed being a bus-boy for a restaurant. Only he spelled this profession as "boss-boy." :-)

Either this person has an amazing sense of humor, or he has a very high self-esteem, both of which are great characteristics to have.


Anonymous said...

In another life, when I used to have to evaluate resumes, someone sent one in for a graphic design position.

This was when QuarkXpress (that's how Quark spells it) was the top graphic design tool for newspapers and many magazines.

On this person's CV, she claimed to be an "expert in Corp Express."

I'm guessing this person was not much of an expert if she could not even spell the name of the product in which she professed expertise.

And that's not even the funniest story from that time.


Tom Carter said...

Or he's barely literate....

Clarissa said...

Even so, this is a very significant Freudian slip. :-)