Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pseudo-Liberals' Hatred of Immigrants

Since this post disappeared, the discussion that initially inspired it has been continuing. As I said in the original post, in case you haven't been following, I wanted to share this debate because it demonstrates perfectly how terrified some people are that immigrants (with their linguistic, intellectual, feminist, philosophical, and cultural sophistication) will displace them with their imited, parochial values. Feel free to participate in the debate.

Here are some highlights of the discussion. (For the entire debate, see comments to the following post.)

This time, I will only give you the words of the hypocritical, immigrant-hating pseudo-liberal reader greenconsciousness. I believe they speak for themselves and demonstrate just how much such pseudo-liberals in reality mimic the hateful Conservative fundamentalists.
  • Do you think it is in the interest of US citizens to have this immigrant flooding doubling and tripling our population every five years? Or is it in your interest as opposed to my interests? Citizens especially the working class have a right to defend ourself, our culture and our jobs. You can say we blame the immigrants but it is not blame; it is identification. Immigrants, especially illegals and those who come with work visas are a tool of the corporate interests that are destroying us. But this is my last word on the subject because I like you and do not want to hurt you. We have different economic interests which will never be reconciled. I do want you to know that the other half of my position is for the US to uphold its belief in freedom and human rights by working with people in their own countries using foreign aid programs to improve their life instead of bringing everyone here to degrade our own for the sake of profits.
  • Immigrants are the tools the elites use to degrade us and immigrants are happy to be so used. They use guilt to silence us, call us racist for defending our rights. Tell us we are imagining and blaming. But we don't buy it anymore. We marched in Selma and suffered in the civil rights movement you were never a part of anywhere. We do not have to defend against charges of racism. We understand that we will fight or die. You should ask why you are so necessary to your bosses who are part of the US elites?
  • Stick to your class and kind who have always oppressed mine. Try to turn this country into a densely packed, unsustainable, overpopulated, desert of cement populated by those who feel superior to the people they walk over - kill everything green and beautiful. I won't be back.
  • Sorry for the drama. I really cannot keep up this conversation. Open your eyes. You never even saw the women in your own country who are not of your class; you don't know us here. But you do have an excellent mind and I believe if you start to try to understand you could.
  • You know "dislike" is not the root of my opposition, nor do I think all other cultures are devoid of anything of value. But they are mostly too reverent of class and males who have the narcissism to believe that their work is universal when it is only male. In Russia it is practically an oligarchy.
  • A wealthy family does not mean the majority of women are liberated. When Russian women were admitted to the professions they were called liberated but the wages in those professions plummeted. You know rape and DV are not addressed in any meaningful way for the women who are not wealthy enough to buy justice. When women try to organize they are told they are already liberated. Some day, gather all the stats which are lies but a start, and see if they match your experience.
Then this reader goes into a weird rant that I still have trouble understanding. For some reason, s/he chooses to believe that I am a Russian rape victim. I guess that makes it easier for him/her to dismiss my suggestion that only somebody who is 100% Native American can be justified in hating immigrants so much. So here is the rant, brace yourselves:
  • I assume you will after your graduate work return to that pinacle of civilization and eqality, mother Russia. Maybe you will do a few studies yourself. How much domestic violence - did you report - what happened - why didn't you report -- raped? what age - what happened -- similarly as to women politicians -- what did you accomplish - or were you a helper to others -- to the female judges -- well there are many questions. How was it for you at work - From your studies you may find the courage to do a documentary on Russian women where they, rather than the state or the party, talk about the reality of their lives.
    If you ever need inspiration -- call on me and I will tell you the questions that expose the big lie of liberation achieved. I have done that and been there. I also wish you well on your journey. We do not have to agree - being honest is more important -- most important.
This is it for now but I have no doubt that more is to come. Since I wrote about this discussion yesterday, I realized that not only does this reader hate all immigrants, s/he is also tortured by the idea that other cultures might have some important achievements that the US culture does not have. What's at play here is obviously a huge inferiority complex that makes even the mere presence of anybody or anything different painful to greenconsciousness. The reason for this weird reaction is that even a slight glimpse of a different reality makes such people realize that - oh, horror - the silly swill about their superiority they have been fed on TV since early childhood is just stupid propaganda.

Lacking any actual achievements of their own, people like greenconsciousness, Real American Woman (that some of my long-term readers surely remember) and the troll that has been bugging this blog for a while keep harping on about their American passports. For them, these silly pieces of paper signify their superiority over absolutely everybody else. They can't understand why some people have no interest whatsoever in acquiring it for themselves. When they realize that they are losing in a discussion (which their huge intellectual limitations make unavoidable), they bring out what they see as their strongest argument: "You are not even an American!" Like this statement is supposed to have some intellectual value.

I feel sorry for people who are so terrified of having to be an indvidual that they hide from this "terrible burden" in a set of nasty, angry, mean and venomous collective identifications.


Anonymous said...

Saying that the US population triples every 5 years is either a lie or simple stupidity. Here is some actual information on the subject:

"the rate of population growth, referred to as the average annual percent change,1 is projected to decrease during the next six decades by about 50 percent, from 1.10 between 1990 and 1995 to 0.54 between 2040 and 2050. The decrease in the rate of growth is predominantly due to the aging of the population and, consequently, a dramatic increase in the number of deaths. From 2030 to 2050, the United States would grow more slowly than ever before in its history."

"In the U.S., the natural growth rate is 0.6% and overall growth is 0.9%"

"The American population more than tripled during the 20th century—a growth rate of about 1.3% a year—from about 76 million in 1900 to 281 million in 2000. "


" The United States Census Bureau shows population increases ranging between 0.85% and 0.89% for the twelve-month periods ending in 2009.[9] Nonetheless, though high by industrialized country standards, this is below the world average annual rate of 1.19%"

Clarissa said...

Wow, thank you for this information, Anonymous. I didn't even notice this particular blooper in the barrage of outlandish statements by this person.

NancyP said...

Don't take trolls seriously.

Clarissa said...

You think this is a troll, too??

Wow, I must be really coming up in the world to have TWO trolls at the same time. :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

I want a troll!


Clarissa said...

maybe I should start lending them out to people. :-)