Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If You Get Raped, It's Your Own Fault!, Cont'd

Like any blogger, I get my fair share of trolls and nasty, offensive comments. I don't let hateful comments be published because, as I explained before, I don't feel like providing trolls and hate-mongers with a platform from which they can insult people and get access to wider audiences. Still, I was not prepared for the outporing of unmitigated viciousness that descended on me for writing about victim-blaming in cases of rape. Some really crazed weirdos felt it was necessary to leave their disgusting rape fantasies in the comments to the post.  This served to remind me how unhealthy the attitude of our society towards rape still is.

Rape is a topic that often brings out the monster even in some seemingly nice people who might even insist they have feminist sympathies. I believe that the collection of essays Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape can help weed out closet woman-haters in one's life. At the start of a relationship with a man, I think it makes absolute sense to recommend this book to him and then discuss it with him. If there is any anti-women jerkdom in him, it is bound to come out then.


geo said...

Rape should be a "Men's Issue" and really not (need to be) a "Women's Issue". The number of Women who are sexually assaulted by Men isn't generally seen as that many.

Very Strange! We Men can't seem to stop ourselves from fighting with other males and sexually assaulting Females.

Then IF that's not enough we need to constantly whistle at women, if we're not stalking them or similar.

I know I've got some of the "Male Disease", but working with some of the issues can be helpful and doesn't Involve Insulting and Harassing Women and Girls.

I have met and befriended Men who are less infected than many.

Richard said...

I am sorry, but not surprised that your Blog comments opened the floodgate so halfwits could feel free to exercise their right of free if idiotic thoughts on the subject of rape. In my thinking rape or attempted rape is a horrible and violent attack on a person’s humanity. It has nothing to do with sex, but a good deal to do cruelty. No woman that I have ever known “asked to be raped” or was not permanently traumatized by such a violation.

Clarissa said...

I know that there are many more normal men with healthy attitudes than freaks who reacted in a crazy way to my posts.

Thank you, guys!

Melissa said...

Recommending "Yes Means Yes" to potential men in your life is an awesome idea. That'll weed (some of) the jerks out...