Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Has a Right to Rest?

This is one of those shocking lists that shows how exploitative the US system of labor is.

Legally required minimum leave by country:
Australia As of 27 March 2006, 20 work days (4 weeks). 2 weeks can be "sold" to employer. Additional Long service leave is also payable. 10 public holidays as well are payable to employees.

Austria 5 weeks
Belgium 20 days, premium pay

Brazil 30 consecutive days after 1 year employment, of which 10 can be sold back to the employer

Bulgaria 20 working days

Chile 15 working days

Colombia 15 working days for every year, vacations can be accumulated for up to 4 years (up to 60 working days of vacations)
China 11 working days.
Czech Republic 4 weeks

Denmark 25 work days
Estonia 28 calendar days

European Union at least 4 weeks, more in some countries

Ecuador 14 days
Germany 4 working weeks

Greece 20 working days or more depending on the years in the company

Guatemala 2 working weeks

Hong Kong 7 days[2]

Hungary 20 working days (increasing up to 30 with age)

Iceland 24 days[3], not including 13 official holidays.
Iran 4 weeks
Israel from 10 working days for the first year to 24 days for 14-th year and on, not including official holidays, sick leave, etc.

Italy 20-32 working days (exact amount depends on contract details), plus 12-13 public holidays.
Kazakhstan 24 calendar days[6]
Latvia 4 weeks

Lithuania 28 calendar days [7]

Netherlands 4 weeks

New Zealand 4 weeks as of April 1, 2007, plus 11 paid public holidays.

Norway 25 working days

Pakistan 15 working days

Paraguay 14 days

Peru 14 days
Portugal 22 working days, up to 25 without work absences in previous year.

Puerto Rico 15 days
Russia 28 calendar days, plus 12 public holidays[8]
Saudi Arabia 30 days
South Africa 21 consecutive days

Spain 30 calendar days

Sri Lanka 28 Working Days - 14 Maximum Annual, 7 Casual and 7 Sick Leave [9]

Sweden 25 work days minimum

Switzerland 28 calendar days (= 20 work days)

Tanzania 28 calendar days

Turkey 12 work days

Tunisia 30 work days

Ukraine 24 calendar days

United Kingdom 5.6 weeks (28 work days), including 8 public holidays[10]

United States none

US law does not require employers to grant any vacation or holidays and about 25% of all employees receive no vacation time or holidays.

See the complete list here.


Anita said...

Did I miss Japan?

Required rest makes lots of sense to me.

I wonder what changes we'd see if the US did incorporate it into our laws; generally speaking.

cat said...

Japan gives ten days paid leave per year and mandates that employees get four days off in any four week period (one day off a week on average). Employees also cannot be made to work more than forty hours a week for most occupations (the exceptions are allowed to have employees work an extra four hours). This is from the Japan External Trade Organization http://www.jetro.go.jp/en/invest/setting_up/laws/section4/page5.html