Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will Palin Quit the Race?

Based on Sarah Palin's track record, people are predicting that she will start a her 2012 presidential bid with a splash but will fizzle out midway:
Palin is an attention monger, selling herself as a big runner with a splashy magazine layout in a premier running magazine. Yet given the chance to actually, you know, run, she couldn't even finish a measly 5K run. Is there a better anecdote to illustrate the essence of Sarah? So watch, she'll make noise about running for president in 2012, but when push comes to shove, she doesn't have the work ethic to actually campaign. She'll bask in the attention, sell lots of books, and get $100K per speech. But the second it becomes hard work, she'll call it quits.
Do you think this is what will happen? I mean, if she's just out for money and fame, then we could all stop worrying, right? If she's doing all she's been doing just to fatten up her bank account with no desire to achieve actual political power, that's a huge relief.


V said...

Who said republicans will not select some other, more meaningful candidate during primaries?

Clarissa said...

Her popularity level is insane right now and growing bigger every day. There is nobody with that level of popular success among the Republicans right now.

That's just my opinion, of course, and who knows what will happen between now and 2012.

Richard said...

My guess would be that former Governor Palin doesn’t know herself what she is going to do in 2012. Whatever she may lack in what normally are considered qualifications for the Office of President of the U.S., she is quick at grabbing the brass ring if it comes within reach. So if the opportunity presents itself she may well make a run for the Office. At the very least it could boast her book sales and speaker fees.

Anonymous said...

I think the chances that she will run are very high.

The chance that she'll get the nomination not as high -- maybe 50/50.

The chance she wins the general all depends on the economy. If the economy is bad and the Dems choose a weak candidate, she has an extremely good chance of being our next Prez.

I hear Australian immigration is pretty easy for folks with my skillset....


David Gendron said...

Sarah Praline (a pun in French);

Almost all politicians do that to fatten their bank account and incrasing their power.

"Who said republicans will not select some other, more meaningful candidate during primaries?"

Not so sure, they don't elect Ron Paul the last time. Even if I'm not a Ron Paul fan, he's the less retarded of The Republican...euh Reactionary Party!