Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Are Muslim? How Insensitive of You!

The opponents of Cordoba House (that they ignoranty refer to as "Ground Zero Mosque") have realized that their protests against its construction go against the constitution of this country. Unable to defend their opposition to the mosque on constitutional grounds, they have found another way to justify their bigotry. Now they refer to the decision to build a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero "insensitive." Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) was one of the first bigots to use the insensitivity argument. Now it is being gleefully picked up by every racist and Evangelical fundamentalist in the country.

The insensitivity argument is mind-boggling in its shamelessness. Americans wreaked unparalleled devastation on many areas of the world. To accuse of insensitivity a group of people who simply want to organize a place of worship is incredibly cynical. Equating Islam with terrorism is ignorant and simply wrong.

It has become painfully obvious that there will be no reasonable discussion about Cordoba House with these bigots. They don't dare to state openly that the only thing motivating their protests is hatred. So they keep coming up with convoluted arguments to explain why praying next to Ground Zero is wrong. Or, in this case, "insensitive."


Steve Hayes said...

They also fail to take into account that several Muslims (some say 29, some say 59) died on 11 Sep 2001, and among them were some who died trying to rescue people from the burning buildings.

So just who is being "insensitive" towards the victims?

It's Only Bruce said...

I am not sure which I find most distressing, those who actually believe this nonsense, or those who know better but do not care as along as it is to their political advantage to spout it.

Anonymous said...

From a Real Live Witch:
So it is OK for Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran to NOT allow other religions to exist in their countries and oh, by the way, the people pushing this mosque are from where? Kuwait? Where people like me had to risk our lives as Americans to rescue them from an invasion when they cried. But there too it is unlikely that you'd find a Catholic or Protestant church....
What the Muslim mouthpieces are teaching us guys born and ancestored in the USA is that Muslims are arrogant, can get their way by threatening, name calling, and using the Constitution to their own political end. Screaming Islamophobia the minute someone disagrees with them seems pretty standard as well. That's not American thinking folks, that's people who apparently do not consider themselves Americans but Muslims only. We only bend so far for people wishing to act superior in this country.
The people I really feel sorry for are the American Muslim families who escaped from Muslim tyrany in other countries political systems to be here and who just worship and go about their lives fully assimilating into what America is, a melting pot.
Oh and I am a Wiccan, I believe Muslim countries still kill my kind just for being what I am. It is likely you don't even know what my religion is at all though I have read your Quran and Hadith. So don't go spouting off about how Muslims are being discriminated against in America, your Imams won't even do anything interfaith with my religion at all. Namaste

Anonymous said...

The very intention to spend such whopping amount of money on a community center/mosque is evil when most of the muslim world is in turmoil and is in much need of that money. If given as micro loans to the needy women in poor muslim countries you're doing a GREAT service to Allah.

Clarissa said...

Look, people, your beef is not with me but with the Constitution of the United States that guarantees freedom of religion. If you don't like the Conctitution, lobby to repeal it.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that I'm not Muslim, so it's not "my Quran" and "my Imams." I know it's hard to imagine that one can defend the rights of other people but please make the effort and believe that it is, indeed, possible.

The idea that it is your place to count other people's money is beyond strange so I'm not going to discuss it.

Dina The Nomad said...

Ooh, there goes the same mistake - it's not a mosque, it's a cultural centre with a room for prayers!

Anonymous, First - you are paid to be a soldier.

Second - " Americans to rescue them (Kuwait) from an invasion when they cried" - It's buisness as usual - somebody is paid to fight, and in this case US and the coalition. Good for the economy - jobs for the people, good for greedy capitalists - lots and lots of money... The cost of the war was estimated by the Congress to be $61.1 billion. About $52 billion was paid by Kuwait ($36 billion), Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf States, and $16 billion by Germany and Japan. The US army represented 74% of all troops.

Third - Casualtis - US - 294 -114 by enemy fire, 145 in accidents, 35 to friendly fire.
U.S. Air Force, estimated 10,000-12,000 Iraqi combat deaths in the air campaign (Highway of death), and as many as 10,000 casualties in the ground war. I am just citing what the US Army said. There are other estimates of casualties but I will not go there... And you think this was a fair battle? Of course you do...

Fourth - "... it is OK for Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran to NOT allow other religions to exist in their countries..." Did you ever heard those countries yelling they guarantee any kind of freedom?? No! So where is your case?

I can go on and on...

But no matter what numbers and evidence I give you all is in vain, you are allready brainwashed. BDW I am proud American, I dearly love this country, but I am not politician, and that's why I name tings with their real names. Very politically incorrect I know. Salut!

Rohit said...

nice thoughtful post