Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The I-phone: Helping You Stay Pure

Jessica at Feministing reports that the I-phone now has an app that helps people make purity pledges: "For just 59p, consumers can download an application that allows them to take a purity pledge and then display a silver ring on their phone to prove their commitment to abstinence." The good thing is that purity is pretty cheap. In the bad news department, however, purity pledges notoriously achieve nothing good. At least, in the opinion of those who don't see the rise in teenage pregnancies and STD rates as a positive thing.

As somebody said, the virtue that needs to be guarded isn't worth guarding.

Here is one of my previous posts on Jessica's great book The Purity Myth.


Anonymous said...

Yup virtue needs to be guarded..
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Clarissa said...

Or it will run away? :-)