Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sexist or not?

This ad from Burger King has been getting a lot of criticism for offering a sexist and degrading image of women. People who have been following this blog for a while know how much I dislike sexist advertisement. For some reason, however, I haven't caught on to the supposed offensive nature of this ad.
First of all, I can hardly see any sexualized overtones here. Second, even if there are some very well-hidden ones, I'm not sure how they are offensive. maybe there is an implid reference to oral sex. So what? Is any image hinting at oral sex necessarily offensive?
Can anybody explain? I'm genuinely puzzled here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I see a hint to oral sex here. But it is so badly done, that even though the dimensions of the object are feasible, it just does not look sexy... :)
Resume: it is as sexist as any other advertisement based on "sex sells" principle. Minus the sex part. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny.

Peter N said...

I can see the sexual overtones in the ad, yes, with the phallic sandwich and the open mouth, along with the use of the term blow. The use of sex, however, as you say, does not make an advertisement inherenly sexist.

Anonymous said...


And other William Lawson's whiskey clips.


donna darko said...

Come on a Super Seven Incher approaching a woman's open mouth.

Tom Carter said...

Well, I can see it, I guess. The image itself, the word "blow," and "super seven incher." But so what? I think it's a pretty clever ad, with a bit of humor and double entendre. And look how much it's being talked about--isn't that what advertising is all about?

Bottom line, I think a lot of people are way too sensitive about things like this. We ought to learn how to relax, enjoy, and chuckle a bit.

Clarissa said...

I always knew that I had no sense of humor. I honestly thought the woman in the ad was happy to see the sandwich because she was hungry.

ivyleaves said...

Wow, Clarissa, suggest you google "blow job" and look at photos on the first site that comes up.

Anonymous said...

Suppose that the ad shows the lady holding the super seven incher with her hands.

Anyways, the sandwich looks disgusting.