Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moving to Illinois

So I have to move to Southern Illinois for work in a month. And these are the latest news from Illinois: "A federal appeals court in Chicago on Tuesday breathed new life into a long-dormant Illinois law that requires physicians to notify the parents of teenage girls before performing abortions. . . The appeals court described the measure as "a permissible attempt to help a young woman make an informed choice about whether to have an abortion."The law does not require parental consent, only that parents be notified 48 hours before an abortion for a girl 17 or younger." I mean, of all the disgusting, ridiculous, paternalistic, outrageously condescending things I have heard recently, this is definitely the worst. A woman's body belongs to her parents. Like she is a cow. Or a family dog. In any case, she is so brainless that she needs to be "helped" to make an informed choice. About her owwn body.

All enthusiasm that I had about moving to Illinois just evaporated completely. And don't even start me on what's happening with abortion laws in Arizona. Compared to Arizona, Illinois is a progressive haven.

Why are there still so many woman-haters around? Why are there so many people who would want to destroy the lives of young women they don't even know? Why do we allow these disgusting freaks of nature to call themselves "pro-life", if all they are is anti-life, anti-choice, anti-reason, anti-enlightenment, anti-simple-human-compassion?

When I imagine a 17-year-old woman in Illinois, who finds herself pregnant and terrified, and who cannot receive a medical service she is guaranteed by law without informing her parents, I feel angry beyond belief. I have a suggestion: to make things more fair, let's introduce a law forcing any man who seeks a Viagra prescription to notify his neighbors. Then we will see how fast these lawmakers will appreciate what it feels like to involve other people in the most intimate matters concerning your body.

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