Saturday, July 4, 2009

Palin Resigned!

Sarah Palin resigned! This is great news. I can't say how terrified I was of her as a vice-presidential candidate. The idea that some people would even consider her for the office was painful.
Paul Solomon reports: "In a rambling and emotional address, Palin said: "The problem today is apathy. We're fisherman. Only dead fish go with the flow."In deciding not to "go with the flow," Palin said she didn't want to be a lame duck, and she said she can affect change from "out of government." She later corrected her remarks to "outside the governor's office."" So we can see she is as weird as usual. Or maybe even weirder.
The reasons why she resigned are unclear. I suspect there must be some scandal brewing that she is trying to avoid. Later in the speech, she said: "I'll work very hard for others who still believe in free enterprise and smaller government and strong national security for our country and support our troops and energy independence, and for those who will protect freedom and equality and life," she said, her voice shaking as the emotion overtook her. "I'll work hard for and campaign for those who are proud to be Americans, and who are inspired by my ideals....And I don't care what party you're in or no party at all, inside of Alaska or outside of Alaska". This is the person we could have had as a Vice-President. I hope she is out of politics for good.
P.S. PeterN wrote a great post on why Palin is so scary to anybody with an ounce of reason: "What is important is that Sarah Palin will no longer be a threat to entire political system and culture in general. Now, I understand that is something of an overstatement, but the ideas that she championed, and most of all her mindset, emphasizing ignorance, are the opposite of what ought to be put forth as ideals in America. Frankly, the concepts themselves should be anathema altogether. Ignorance as a virtue is to wish for a return to the past, where things were harder, people died faster, and life was just not what it is today." This is exactly how I felt about her nomination and her presence on the political scene.


Anonymous said...

Why does she scare you? Does limited government and individual liberty scare you to? If so, you'd be afraid of Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton,and Washington just to throw out a few names.

Clarissa said...

She scares me because I don't think she knows who Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton are. She also scares me because I don't think she'd be able to pronounce the words "individual liberty" without stumbling.

As for the limited government, thought the Republicans wouldn't be able to sell the myth that this is what they stand for after the Patriot Act.

Anonymous said...

Personal attacks, how original. I'm pretty sure she speaks fine. Last time I checked, she can speak without a teleprompter. Her whole convention speech was made without one. Barack forgets where he is unless he has his.
Even if for some strange reason she didn't know who the founders were, she understands their ideals which is more important. Protect rights, not provide them. Only act within the enumerated powers of the constitution.

Clarissa said...

Are you serious?? "Only act within the enumerated powers of the constitution."? Do you remember how she answered the question about what the duties of the Vice-President are?

As to the teleprompter, 2-year-olds also can speak without one. And the guggly, winking result they produce is close to Palin's.

I would like to repeat my question though: you believe the Republicans stand for limited government after the Patriot Act? After Palin's idea of widening the Vice-President's duties beyond anything that existed before?