Thursday, July 2, 2009

When the Dems Have Every Seat in the Senate

As DailyKos points out in "Harry Reid, nothing but excuses," first we heard that the Democrats needed 50 seats to pass legislation. When they got to that goal, we started hearing that now they needed 60 seats to do something useful. The miracle has happened, they now have their coveted 60 seats. What happens next? The majority leader Harry Reid starts explaining how 60 votes aren't really 60 votes, so we shouldn't expect any legislation to be passed by the Democrats any time soon: "We have 60 votes on paper,” Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, said Wednesday in an interview. “But we cannot bulldoze anybody; it doesn’t work that way. My caucus doesn’t allow it. And we have a very diverse group of senators philosophically. I am not this morning suddenly flexing my muscles.”

So I've been thinking: what if the Dems were to win every single seat in the Senate? Would that be enough? I have a sneaking suspicion that even then we would hear all kinds of excuses for the Democrats' lack of power to actually accomplish anything. No matter how one feels about the Republicans, one has to acknowledge that with such an overwhelming majority they would start getting things done.

I'm so disappointed in the Democrats! Will they ever stop whining and finally do something for the epople who elected them??


Anonymous said...

The Democratic party is a Liberal party. What do you expect from Liberals but that kind of in-between attitude?

Anonymous said...

Obama isn't living up to expectations either. It sucks that you work so hard to organize for the campaign and then these guys get elected and do jackshit for the people.

Natalee said...

Harry Reid is such a loser, he's unbelievable. he good news is nobody takes him very seriously.

Anonymous said...

The Dems are wusses and the Republicans are all freaks. We need to get us a new party that would represent progressive voters.