Monday, April 25, 2011

Conspiracy Theorists on Amazon

People love conspiracy theories. They find conspiracies in the most unlikely places imaginable. Some people on Amazon are now accusing me of not writing my book reviews in person but having them generated by a computer (whatever that means.) I suggested that they head over to my blog and check out the dates when each individual review appeared but, still, people prefer to believe in some dark secrets that lurk behind a person's high review rating on Amazon.

It's sad that some people's lives are so empty that they have time and energy to notice other people's ratings on some website. In all the time I've been posting reviews there, I never felt like wasting time on trying to calculate how often other reviewers post. 


Spanish prof said...

How do you manage to get that kind of weirdos pay attention to you?

Clarissa said...

I have a very high ranking on Amazon and have recently been selected to the Amazon Vine program that gives you really great free goodies. :-)

Apparently, these ratings are extremely significant for some people emotionally and psychologically. I've just been posting them for fun.

Tim said...

I think it is delightful to see that at least some people in the world don't have more pressing problems than book reviews on amazon :)

Clarissa said...

You can look at it that way, too. And it's mostly BOOK reviews, so that means reading is prestigious. :-)