Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Russian Joke

A son of a Russian billionaire got married. On the next morning, the billionaire catches his son sneaking into the house. Since he knows his own son very well, the billionaire exclaims,

"You just got married yesterday and already you went out whoring! Do you have no shame?"

"Well, Dad, it's like this," the son explained. "I woke up this morning and looked at my bride who was sleeping next to me. She looked so beautiful, so peaceful and gentle, and I felt that I love her more than words could express. So how could I interrupt her sleep just to save a stupid hundred bucks?"


Kira said...

Hi, Clarissa
I read all your messages with great interest but I cannot comment as fast as you write.
I admire your efficiency.
I thought about the name of this billionaire quite a long time, until I understood that there was an anecdote

Clarissa said...


Nice to have you back here, Kira. I'm grading exams and this means I need to take breaks often from doing that. So this is why there are so many posts. :-)