Friday, April 22, 2011

Vengeance Is Mine, I Will Repay

I just finished creating the final oral exam for my refuseniks, which is how I now refer to the students in my Spanish language class who consistently refuse to speak Spanish. Oh, it is going to be one painful exam, people. Of course, for the students who actually did the activities I brought to each class session, this exam will be nothing but total, unadulterated fun. However, it will imply a lot of pain and suffering for those who used class time to discuss (in English) the comparative merits of their manicurists. (I'm not kidding, my friends. It got so bad that I even taught them how to say manicure, nail polish, nail file, etc. hoping that they will at least get something out of the course.) I have a lot of manicure lovers in that group.

I can't wait for that exam.

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