Friday, April 29, 2011

Opinions About Ortega y Gasset

OK, I just have to share it because it's too good to be kept from people. One of the questions on the final exam was "Express your views about the political views of Ortega y Gasset."

One of the students wrote in response [the translation is mine]: "Ortega y Gasset really understood the nature of democracy. He realized that the masses are stupid but they are still necessary for a nation to exist."

Somehow, I just can't lower the grade for this.


Anonymous said...

Automatic A+.


Clarissa said...

It is great, huh?

In general, I'm loving the students' response to Ortega y Gasset.

el said...

One often hears "masses are stupid", but, if you think a moment, an average person can't be stupid by definition, and if s/he is, than it's a problem in society, which must be fixed by good education.