Friday, November 13, 2009

Being a True Academic

Nobody can say that I'm not a true academic after today. I went to get married straight from teaching two classes and I will be combining my honeymoon with speaking at a conference tomorrow.

Of course, the classes today were the worst of my teaching career. I was babbling incoherently for most of the time. For some strange reason, I kind of suggested that Spain's fascist dictator Francisco Franco and the then-future king Juan Carlos had a sexual relationship. Then, I tried to clarify and somehow mixed President Bush Jr. into the whole mess. When trying to clarify that, I began to insist - very forcefully, too - that Franco was a dictator of Cuba.

So it's good that I don't get married every day and not even every decade.

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Anonymous said...

First paragraph: write it down in your cover letter.
Second paragraph: don't write it down in your cover letter.

Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

Clarissa said...

Today I am lecturing about the Cuban Revolution. I hope I can redeem myself after the debacle of last Friday.

Spanish prof said...

The day I got married, I wrote a letter of recommendation for a student and arrange for her to come before the civil ceremony to pick it up.

Clarissa said...

I hope it was an unusually nice recommendation. :-)

We do have a lot in common.