Monday, November 16, 2009

Marriage vs Divorce

While going through the marriage ceremony on Friday, I couldn't help but notice how much easier it is to get married than it is to get divorced in North America. When you want to get divorced, you have to go through a waiting period, pay a huge fee, file tons of papers, and explain why you want to get divorced (this last part being humiliating beyond what words can express. Especially since "I don't want to be with this person any more) is not considered to be a good enough reason for divorce.) When you get married, however, the process is extremely simple. Nobody even went to any trouble to check our identities. One could actually bring anybody and marry them under anybody else's name.

This tells us that the government really really really wants everybody to be married and is really opposed to people getting divorced. This type of intrusion into people's private lives is aimed at simplifying the process of  control over the citizens. When everybody is paired up officially and is neatly accounted for, it is easy for the government to keep track of us and our lives.

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