Monday, November 16, 2009

The Most Special Day of My Life, Take 2

So as everybody knows already, I got married on Friday. I didn't understand why people say it is supposed to be the most important day of my life when I got married for the first time, and I still don't understand it now. If a relationship isn't happy, no huge, elaborate ceremony will make it so. If, however, being together makes every day special, then signing some papers does nothing to change that.

We agreed to take a non-traditional approach to the whole process. For the proposal, we flipped a coin to see who would propose first. I won, so I proposed, and then he proposed after that. I always thought it was extremely unfair that only one person had to ask, while the other person has the power to grant or withhold consent. That always seemed to me not a little humiliating.

We also decided to avoid one huge celebration and have many little ones instead, spread throughout the entire next year. I don't see the point of having one big, complicated event that's expensive, tiresome, and wears everybody out. Instead, we can have little celebrations with our friends an family members, where everybody who wants to spend some time with us and celebrate will get an equal opportunity to do so. So, in reality, this will be a year-long wedding.

People have already asked me whether we feel any different after getting married. Honestly, the answer is no. Every moment we spend together has been magical from the day we met and no amount of signed papers can change that.

P.S. From a conversation with the groom:

Me: So now let's go and have our honeymoon.

Groom: And what was it we have been having for the past several years?

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Alain said...

Today is my most special day as I have started discussing our wedding, even though we don't want to get deep into the wedding planning until we've both passed the bar, or at least one of us has found a post-graduation job. But it's sickening and insulting that so many wedding-oriented sites assume that grooms aren't involved in planning the wedding.