Monday, November 23, 2009

Where Are the Women?

To me, this is a very shocking picture, and if you don't feel pained by it, it means that you have internalized the chauvinistic discourse to the extent where the most glaring, senseless injustices seem normal to you.

It is very disturbing to see just one female face among the sea of male faces.

Well, at least we got one woman there, that's something. At the rate we are going, maybe in a couple hundred more years of feminist struggle we will get two or even three women out of the kitchen and into the public sphere.


Joy-Mari Cloete said...

That's some scary shit right there, Clarissa. And then some claim that sexism is dead. Some even question that its need in our Great Western Civilization.

Clarissa said...

Thank you for leaving a link to that discussion, Joy-Mari Cloete. It often seems to me like people who go on about how 'women have achieved full equality' must live on a different planet. I wonder if they ever watch television, turn on the computer, read a newspaper (a magazine, a book, etc.), look around, go into bars and restaurants, and so on andd so forth.

Amanda said...

I'm cynical enough that, while it makes me sad, it doesn't shock me. At all. And I think that's also pretty sad.

Joy-Mari Cloete said...

@Clarissa: yeah, I also used to think they live elsewhere. Unfortunately they're in our offices, in our beds, in our parliaments.