Saturday, November 28, 2009

What Does It Mean That There Will Be No More Oprah?

Everybody loves Oprah. She is intelligent, articulate, courageous, smart, and beautiful. Everybody admires her and wants to be like her, and that's a given**. However, I think it is a great sign that Oprah is planning to cancel her show. Several years ago, her show managed to be interesting and relevant from time to time. In the recent years, however, it has turned more frivolous and more oriented towards bored rich housewives than any other segment of the population.

In the midst of a severe economic crisis, where most people are going out of their head with worry over how they will be able to pay the bills next month, The Oprah Winfrey Show has turned into a mean joke. The titles of the most recent episodes of the show demonstrate why Oprah doesn't know how to be relevant any more.

11/23 - "Inside Sex Addiction Rehab." Imagine the kind of people who believe in the existence of "sex addiction." You definitely do not get more housewifely than that.

11/25 - "Remembering Ted Kennedy: Vicki Kennedy's First TV Interview." Of course, interviews with the spouses of important dead people can only interest those who have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with their lives.

12/02 - Perms, extensions, highlights…secrets exposed! Then, why Beyonce's sister Solange chopped it all off. Plus, Oprah's own hair history unraveled!

And here are some of the announcements for the future shows:
  • Calling all overweight moms!
  • Are you a military wife?
  • Calling all weight loss winners!
  • Need help throwing a dinner party or birthday bash
The time has passed when this society could afford a huge number of people whose only occupations were eating, losing weight, doing their hair, and feeling horrified over the sad fact that sex exists and other people actually enjoy it. The state of the economy is forcing many people to forget these trivial interests and start having a real-world existence. Dedicating all of your meagre intellectual capacities to analyzing the color of your poop (an actual topic of one of The Oprah Show episodes) is not something too many people can afford to do right now.

Maybe the age of self-satisfied navel-gazing of upper middle class Americans is over. I hope that the upcoming cancellation of The Oprah Show is a sign of that. Maybe we can all finally forget about dieting and start thinking and talking about important stuff.

** To top off her great qualities, Oprah likes the Kindle and promoted it on her show, which makes her my hero. You can see Oprah with her Kindle in the picture above.


feministified musings said...

while i enjoyed the entire thing, i must say my favorite part is the last sentence. well said.

Val said...

God help me** - my darling son downloaded the FREE iPhone app for the Kindle... It has taken a little getting used to, but I do really, really like it!
**of course the books themselves are not free (thanks for your previous free-book references though, C!)- my 1st download was the latest Margaret Atwood, but then I went out & bought the hardcopy anyway - there's just something about the feel of that new book in your hands!